Absolute Love The 12 The Principles Of Love In Life and Business Now Available

Absolute Love The 12 Principles of Love in Life and Business is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Click below to get your copy today. 

Reading Absolute Love: The 12 Principles of Love will expand your awareness of what Love is, and show you Love as the fundamental essence and energy of Life. You can bring the power of Love into your personal and business life. You will want to shift yourself to the Love paradigm of life and discover Love will bring more Love, power, joy, and happiness to your life. You will develop the recognition and realization that Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Become passionate for Love because Love starts with you and will integrate mind, heart, body, and soul with Love allowing you to reach your highest potential, create success in your life, eliminate fear, overcome life's difficulties, You will experience the truth of what Love is not in order to experience Love as your highest vibrational truth. This book also enables you to follow your highest spiritual path and become illumined to the Divine. The 12 Principles are presented so that you can apply one or all 12 Principles to both your personal and business life and develop a greater awareness of self and the Divine. Let the fire of Absolute Love allow you to discover the divine profundity of Love in your life.