Love and the Speed of Light

Chief Spiritual Officer and Pastor David Kozich shares this weeks love message: "Love and the Speed of Light"  

David shares about the powerful connection of Love and Light. He shares how many times love is mentioned in the bible along with lights powerful significance and how love and light can enlighten your personal world and the world that surrounds us every day.                 

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 "Love is the highest energy frequency there is. Love is beyond positive and negative. Love and Light equal Essence." David Kozich

As LoveMakers, we gather together to light up the world. Let the Light of Love Enlighten your world. Love travels at the speed of light, light is what connects Love to you, to your heart and mind, and to all that is.

Commit to a life of love. #committolove  #loveistheway Absolute love is the unconditional Love of God, you are merging into one. The perfect Love when we become total Love, creates unalterable infinite energy. #unconditionallove

"Love is light that shines from the heart." #JohnDenverquotes

"I will love the light for it shows me the way: yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars."  #OgMandino

Be so full of love and light that nothing can bother your inner peace. Light communicates Love. Love communicates light. "Thousand of candles can be lighted from a single candle. Happiness never decreases by being shared." #Buddha

Join David and Deborah as they light a candle for all. You are the Light of Love, Burn a Candle with us... "Love Is The Way", lighting the way for individual and world change.

Join us for our upcoming Love and Light training to learn how you can use this concept to live more fully in love. This is a members-only or VIP event that will take place on zoom. Become a LoveMaker by visiting our website at LoveMakers Foundation: JOIN membership page. Follow the directions and you will be linked to our invitation page after you sign up or request an invite. ( Reach out to us for a VIP -invitation at or call us at 877-711-0850. Hope to see you at our event on May 22nd, blessings of love and light to all.

Light a candle. Go in Love and light. Love is the way.

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Sharing Love and Light, we lovingly offer our new light protocol, for a higher frequency way of life. JOIN US for this amazing Love and Light Experience.

Love to all!