Love and Survival

#LoveMakersFoundation Chief Spiritual Officer David Kozich and CEO Deborah Kozich, share this month's love service.
Enjoy prayer, music, blessings, spiritual enlightenment, love sermon, joining together in Love as your survival vibration.
Love Sermon: "Love and Survival"
LoveMakers Foundation is a #nonprofitfoundation a spiritual organization sharing daily and weekly love messages and monthly love services to inspire and bring more love awareness to individuals and to the world.
Many thanks to Franki Love for supporting our mission of bringing Love to individuals and to the world. Thank you for your permission to share your music in our monthly love services.
L.O.V.E          song title: by Franki Love music by
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Our Gratitude goes out to Julie Kaylin too for her wonderful voice in creating our LoveMakers Foundation Love Is The Way Anthem,
"Love Is The Way." she is amazing and will create a song just for you. Julie, your voice shares our message, together with love, beautiful voice, heart, and grace. Thank you.
All are welcome to join us in the Love Revolution.
Become a LoveMaker, help us change the paradigm of the world to Love.
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Every day know that love is the way to personal freedom and your personal survival plan.
Everyday Love.
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More important know that every day Love is the way.

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