Love Saves The World

LoveMakers Foundation Chief Spiritual Officer David Kozich and CEO Deborah Kozich share this month's love service. Enjoy prayer, music, blessings, spiritual enlightenment, love sermon, as we gather together shining love and light as your way.

Love Sermon: "Love Saves The World"

#onlinechurch #lovesavestheworld #lovemakersunite LoveMakers Foundation is a #nonprofitfoundation a spiritual organization sharing daily and weekly love messages and monthly love services to inspire and bring more love awareness to individuals and to the world.

Many thanks to #AmyBarbera at for not only sharing her love with the world with her music and voice but also as a dedicated LoveMaker. Amy has granted LoveMakers Foundation her permission to share her music and voice in our Love Services. Thank you so much Amy we love you and appreciate everything you are doing to bring more love to the world.

This month our music choose is "Your Love Is So Real"  Enjoy.

Sharing gratitude for #JulieKaylin and her voice with our Love Anthem "Love Is The Way" Thank you Julie, your voice shares our message together with love, beautiful voice, heart, and grace.

All are welcome to join us in the Love Revolution. Become a LoveMaker, help us change the paradigm of the world from fear to Love. Check out our newly revised website and digital membership platform. Reach out to us for prayer support, spiritual counseling, ideas and ways you too can experience Love's many healing benefits. We also offer weddings, vow renewals, memorial services, love and light events.

Every day know that Love is the way. Make Love your way. #Like #Share #Subscribe #Youtubechannel #loveistheway #lovemakersunite

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