Danny Gautama on Being A Love LoveMaker

Meet LoveMaker Danny Gautama!

"I am a Bodybuilder/inspirational writer who NEVER GIVES UP! I will inspire the world with my kindness. As a LoveMaker I am committed to doing my best to Be love, Believe in Love , Share Love, Teach Love and Receive Love..."

Danny shares "What love means to me?" 

"Love is beautiful, love does not hate, and does not judge. It is the most powerful vibration next to kindness. Love can encourage, uplift, show empathy, and compassion. We must continue to spread that love today, tomorrow, and every day. We must use the power of love and kindness to help, heal, and make people feel important. I'm all about love. I live it every day and I sprinkle it as much as I can. That is my legacy and that is how I want to be remembered as a man full of kindness who made everyone feel loved."


Love Is The Way To Individual and World Change...

Danny is known as the "Kindness King"...

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