Deborah Toyias Kozich

Deborah Toyias Kozich is President of LoveMakers Foundation, a Non-Profit Spiritual Organization based on LOVE. Additionally, Ms. Kozich oversees LoveMakers Foundation’ marketing and membership development.

Deborah is a Certified Life Coach and has helped several hundred men and women achieve their life and business objectives, and is a Prayer and Love Leader for LoveMakers. Moreover, Deborah has been President of 4 Women Only, a personal fitness and sports nutrition company, and was a Certified Personal Fitness and Sports Nutrition Trainer helping women to reach their desired outcomes for total body, mind, and spiritual fitness.

Deborah was a Team Leader for Juice Plus and is an expert in Marketing and Sales inspiring men and women to profitability, and successfully leading numerous sales training seminars.

Deborah’s leadership experience also includes serving as Vice President of Client Relations and has been a Grocery Store Manager and served in customer relations for a national food chain. Her service in several school districts and work with exceptional children has given Deborah a unique perspective on people that few spiritual leaders possess.

As President of LoveMakers Foundation, Deborah has developed numerous LOVE and LIGHT programs and seminars that help Foundation members and others to transform themselves to reach their full love potential and lead a happier and Love Filled Life. Deborah is a LoveMaker and spiritual leader.

Deborah believes, “Transformation into becoming a LoveMaker begins with you. Love is essence and we will help you reach your highest love potential. As a result, you will find your own “super power”.