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I have been involved with the LMF for approximately a year. During this time, I have understood their message and mission is about Love and overcoming the paradigm of fear. The insights shared from various leaders, thought influencers, and icons accelerates their mission of love. There is a freedom and liberation to Love’s influence.

Sharon Laflamme

David and Deborah are two wonderful people who dedicate their lives to spread love around the world. Their dedication, persistence and kindness are a true example of how astounding these two lovely souls are. I am blessed and honored to be affiliated with them and being part of the LoveMakers Foundation. Love is the way. 

Danny Gautama

The Light Energy Session was very powerful and empowering. I needed that more than I realized. I had anticipated that I may be sleepy afterward but it actually energized me and inspired my creative side. I’m glad I got to experience your gift, both on a personal level and as I work with Deborah to support your vision with LoveMakers Foundation.

Lisa England


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