Deborah Kozich on Being a LoveMaker

Deborah believes,

Love Is The Way To Individual And World Change and that… 

 “Transformation into becoming a LoveMaker begins with you. Love is essence and we will help you reach your highest love potential. As a result, you will find your own “super power”.

Sharon Laflamme on Being a LoveMaker

I have been involved with the LMF for approximately a year. During this time, I have understood their message and mission is about Love and overcoming the paradigm of fear. The insights shared from various leaders, thought influencers, and icons accelerates their mission of love. There is a freedom and liberation to Love’s influence. You can get more information on Sharon here

Amy Barbera on Being a LoveMaker

Amy has a voice so angelic it pierces the soul. With each of her original songs, there lies a fusion of power and emotion. Amy is an artist that loves to make a difference and inspire others with the beautiful music that God has blessed her to create and sing for the world. She has two inspirational albums released… her debut album “Beautiful Flower of Life” and her healing meditation CD “Breath of Angels, as well as many other original song singles.

Amy’s heavenly “Make Me A Butterfly” music video & original song has received 13 Awards/Selections/Recognitions from music and film festivals worldwide in Italy, France, England, India & the United States. Amy is fun loving girl; she opens her heart to the world, shares her faith and music with joy, and she lives life to the fullest.

You can find Amy’s Award Winning Music Video & Song “Make Me A Butterfly” directly on YouTube: and you’ll find more on her channel:

Lisa England on Being a LoveMaker

As the founder of LKE PR, a full-service social media management company, she oversees day to day operations. Lisa was invited to speak at a SAG/AFTRA panel focused on the power and the need for social media in the entertainment industry.  You can get more information on Lisa here

Danny Gautama on Being A Love LoveMaker

“I am a Bodybuilder/inspirational writer who NEVER GIVES UP! I will inspire the world with my kindness. As a LoveMaker I am committed to doing my best to Be love, Believe in Love , Share Love, Teach Love and Receive Love…”

Danny shares “What love means to me?”

“Love is beautiful, love does not hate, and does not judge. It is the most powerful vibration next to kindness. Love can encourage, uplift, show empathy, and compassion. We must continue to spread that love today, tomorrow, and every day. We must use the power of love and kindness to help, heal, and make people feel important. I’m all about love. I live it every day and I sprinkle it as much as I can. That is my legacy and that is how I want to be remembered as a man full of kindness who made everyone feel loved.”

Love Is The Way To Individual and World Change…

Danny is known as the “Kindness King”… twitter @DannyGautama  IG @Danny_Gautama

Karen Light on Being a LoveMaker

Karen Light is the Founder, Illustrator, and Creative Coach at Studio Light Illustration.

Karen partners with authors to nurture humanity through the magic of storytelling. She believes that stories connect us as humans, forge understanding, evoke empathy, and challenge us to think of ways to create a world in which all living creatures can thrive!

She is a Lover of all things messy and colorful.

Royce Morales on Being a LoveMaker

Royce Morales developed Perfect Life Awakening, Empower Your Life, Spiritual Cognition Integration and the Spiritual Integration Assisting Program.

Royce believes that each person can experience phenomenal shifts with loving support and guidance.