This is the first blog. My name is David Kozich, Chief Spiritual Officer and Sr. Minister for the LoveMakers Foundation. The purpose of the LoveMakers Foundation, which is an Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) spiritual/religious foundation, is to change the world paradigm into a world of LOVE and transform religion where each individual can be LOVE, teach LOVE, share LOVE, and act in LOVE every moment your lives, and to connect all lives on the planet in LOVE. Make LOVE your religion or use LOVE as the spiritual energy to enhance your current religion. LoveMakers Foundation is here to spread the Message that LOVE is the essential energy of life. LoveMakers Foundation is creating personalized spirituality with a general message of universal LOVE that connects everyone with the infinite consciousness of LOVE.

LoveMakers Foundation propounds the radical idea of using LOVE as the key to human happiness and fulfillment, and to use LOVE to find GOD, or your highest source, and create a world of peace, joy, and LOVE.

LoveMakers Foundation shall help connect all people and all religions with LOVE the commonality of all people and religions. LOVEMAKERS IS A Cutting WEB-BASED, SOCIAL MEDIA Spiritual Organization that functions as a place where all people can receive weekly LOVE Messages, prayer work, spiritual counseling, and traditional church functions, such as, monthly gatherings (when allowed)wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, funerals, and memorial services etc. We also provide training and seminars: LoveMasters Certification, Light Energy, Ministerial Training, Women Seminars, and Couples Retreats

Besides participating in LoveMakers Foundation activities, you can become an official LoveMaker whom is a person who commits to doing his or her best to be LOVE, live in LOVE, share LOVE, teach LOVE and act in LOVE each moment of their lives. LOVE as a spiritual practice is the way of the future.

LoveMakers Foundation teaches the following core values:

Everything matters…We bring extraordinary LOVE energy to everything we do.
We shall deliver LOVE energy to all people. LOVE shall connect you to your highest source. Becoming LOVE shall transform your life. We advance the ideals of LOVE, sustainability, peace joy, innovativeness, and synergy with the planet’s population.

Now is the time for peace. Now is the time for LOVE. One of the greatest spiritual founders of all-time, Jesus Christ said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” My message to you is that you can be an instrument of LOVE and peace. All you have to do is live in LOVE, and become LOVE. You can choose LOVE in each moment of your life. Enlarge your heart to feel LOVE each and every second of your life and trust that the power of LOVE will manifest all around you.

Know that where total LOVE exists, there is no fear, and that LOVE is total freedom.

Deborah Kozich and I, as founders of the LoveMakers are committed to bringing LOVE to the world, and moving the paradigm from fear to LOVE. We host events to encourage LOVE. Join the LOVE Revolution.


The Sermon on the Mount of Love

The Sermon on the Mount of Love

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