When we reach the limits of our own strength, and Courage, something unexpected happens.

This week David shares an inspirational perspective on how to embrace love as the driving force where one can find reinforcement that comes from a source outside of ourselves. This week you will find that his powerful message will help you embrace Love as the driving force behind our efforts in building trust.

“Love: Overcome When Bad Things Happen To Good People”

You can overcome any obstacle…listen in to find ways that will support answering this often asked question.

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Join us in the Love Revolution…our mission is to bring Love to all in the world.

We believe that Love is the most powerful force in the universe. We believe that Love is the way to individual and world change.

Become a LoveMaker ask us how?

Together we are restoring Faith…helping all to have the will, power and understanding to overcome any obstacle…

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LOVE Transcends Religion

LOVE Transcends Religion

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Jesus and Love In His Last Days (2of3)

Jesus and Love In His Last Days (2of3)

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Jesus and Love In His Last Days (1of3)

Jesus and Love In His Last Days (1of3)

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