It's my pleasure to be a LoveMaker! The LoveMaker Foundation under the direction of Deborah is a family ! How grateful I am to know David, Deborah, Sharon, Danny, Tim & all LoveMakers! Love is the Way! God bless you all! I hope all of you will reach out to one another & feel the amazing souls it is my pleasure to know & love! LOVE is the Way!!

Deborah A Ryan Author of Blessings and Lessons A Womens Journey Through Faith

I want to thank you for today. The Light Energy Session was very powerful and empowering. I needed that more than I realized. I had anticipated that I may be sleepy afterward but it actually energized me….and inspired my creative side. I’m glad I got to experience your gift, both on a personal level and as I work with Deborah to support your vision with LoveMakers Foundation.

Lisa England

Love Makers Foundation
Love is love no matter what
No matter where
Here and there
And everything is love
and simple words of love
and admiration
and compassion
and acknowledging
and a grateful heart
Love makes it worth
living a creative life
living in miracles
living with hope and having faith
Love is love no matter what
No matter where who when
No matter what
why resist
Love this ginormous heart you were given as a tiny ~
instead of resisting
your own humanity
love your heart ♥️
More 🤭
Sharing my heart ♥️
It’s what I do
From me
To you ♥️♥️♥️
I love you
Sharon Brady Laflamme
Deborah Toyias Kozich
David Kozich
Creating Serenity
It’s awesome cool being a Love Maker with so many beautiful people.

Donna Marie